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Last Update 07-15-2015

Blankets for Buddies was born one cold, windy February day after a trip to my local humane society. I had seen in the community newspaper a plea from the humane society for old or new blankets and towels for the shelter. So I stopped and picked up some blankets and towels I found on clearance at Target on my way down there to register one of our greyhounds.

Upon arriving at the humane society in Pomona , I reached the registration counter and paid the fee for my license, then told the woman I had brought a couple bags of blankets and towels for the animals. She immediately thanked me, jumped up, and ran them over to the kennel attendants. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see for myself why the urgent need for these items, so I decided to take a walk through the facility. Well, all I can say is, by the end of the first row of animals I was in tears at seeing these poor shivering animals huddled together inside their cold, hard concrete cells. I had a jacket on and was still cold so I could just imagine what it was like for these animals, especially at night.

I composed myself and went back up to the woman and asked how they decided which animals warranted getting a blanket or towel, since there obviously weren't enough to go around. She informed me that they start with the sick, old, and it trickles down from there. I looked her in the eye and told her not to worry I would be back.

I immediately got on my phone and began calling my husband, family, and friends to ask them to gather up any old blankets and towels they had around the house, as well as, hitting up thrift stores near my home for these items.

That night I couldn't sleep thinking about all those cold frightened animals and I decided this was much bigger than myself. My husband encouraged me to go to the City of San Dimas and ask them if we could put a nice basket in their lobby in order for the community to have a place to drop-off their donations without having to make a trip all the way down to the shelter. Thankfully, the City of San Dimas agreed. I created a flyer and began circulating them throughout my neighborhood and local businesses, I even had the community newspaper publish the flyer... and the rest is history!

I believe one of the reasons Blankets for Buddies has been so successful at bringing in weekly donations to not just the humane society in Pomona, but to many other local animal shelters, is because the items needed don't have to be new and most of the time people get rid of old blankets and towels anyway; such a simple solution to such a big need in my community and many others.

Blankets for Buddies has reaffirmed my belief that one person can really make a difference in this world. I also know that I couldn't have done it alone and I'm truly humbled by the support, donations, and kindness shown weekly by the community and volunteers in the number of blankets and towels we pick-up and deliver to relieved shelter staff and many wagging tails.

Thank you for supporting Blankets for Buddies!


Jennifer King, Founder/CEO, Blankets for Buddies